Love Challenge, Love English | 胡冰:2017年春季学期英语组教学心得

2017-05-27 09:59:14

Love Challenge, Love English

In the beginning of this semester, we were informed that students will have two lessons to join the clubs they are interested in from Monday to Thursday from this term. I look at the list of all the clubs. Suddenly, something came up to my mind.

Last year, we took part in an oral English competition for teen students called DIPLOMATIST. We won a place in the game, and our students enjoyed themselves a lot. I asked our principal, Dr.Zhao, if we could set up an English drama club. I also told him the reason why I want to set up such a club and the benefits students would get. Dr. Zhao showed a great support to my idea. And then we have a brand new club here in Dafang the English Drama Club.

In the Drama Club, we are playing, we are learning, and we are enjoying. Attending the Drama Club may not help you to get a better grade in English exams, but it will help you to learn English better. It will bring you into another world, you will find learning English is not only remembering words and reciting passages. Learning English can be interesting and exciting.

If you love English, if you love challenges, if you want to be a drama queen or a drama king, just come and join us!

2017年5月10日 武汉大方学校初中部英语组 胡冰老师 供稿